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Micro Link Extension

InSignia hair studios micro link extensions

Neat/discrete No glue, wax or braids

Bonds are a unique keratin protein which mimics the human hair’s molecular structure

Applied using ringlets and a thin portion of the clients natural

Micro link extension adds length and fullness to fine textured hair

The number of links applied is based on the overall desired look, texture, length and fullness of the clients natural hair

Micro Link Extension can be removed and reinstalled

When cared properly Micro-Links Extension can last up to 4 months.


HalfFullFull Plus
  • Clients must arrive with their hair shampooed, blow dried and free of any product.
  • Additional charges will apply for shampoo & blow dry service. Click here for Service Menu
  • Packages do not include hair.
  • Appointment time 2-3 hours.
  • All clients will receive a FREE consultation before service
  • All prices reflect starting prices