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AVEDA uses plant-derived ingredients,organically grown whenever possible, not those that are synthetic and petroleum-derived.
They refuse to test their products on animals. We carry Aveda hair care and styling products

Mixed Chicks
Mixed Chicks offers the best curly hair products for all of your curly,
wavy or kinky hair needs. Our curly hair products are gentle,
so gentle they even work on weaves. See for yourself and try our cleansing shampoo,
nourishing conditioner or curl-defining leave-in conditioner

Davines Essential Hair Care was created with the same care, vision and passion as the herbalists of Renaissance times, combining science and tradition with the essence of Mediterranean herbs, flowers and fruit to bring you a range of daily shampoos, conditioners, serums and creams that each have their own nicknames – like Davines Love and Davines Nounou – and all the essential desire to do what that name promises.

HEALING STYLE formulations contain a brilliant blend of advanced technology and natural ingredients to create and maintain fashionable hair designs.
Keratin Healing System improves styling control and hold. Color Preservers provide longer-lasting haircolor. UVA / UVB / UVC Protectors prevent sun damage, while Thermal Guard saves hair from extreme heat. Rainforest Botanicals naturally deliver shine and hold. Hairstyles are guaranteed to last longer.