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micro link sew-in

Known as the “braid less sew-ins”, are installed using beads and weft hair

This method is very similar to the braided sew-in, except there is no braid  necessary

A ringlet is attached and the clients natural hair and the ringlet is then squeezed together
The weft is then attached by sewing over each bead to create a very flat and natural look.

Recommended for clients with long hair looking to add fullness, color or and length

When maintained properly this technique can last up to 2 months.


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  • Clients must arrive with their hair shampooed, blow dried and free of any product.
  • Additional charges will apply for shampoo & blow dry service. Click here for Service Menu
  • Packages do not include hair.
  • Appointment time 2-3 hours.
  • All clients will receive a FREE consultation before service.
  • All prices reflect starting prices.